De Hoop Inter-Tidal Workshop 28-31 May

Embark on a fascinating journey of discovery with Professors Liesl and Jo van As on an Inter-Tidal Workshop. These two experts are by life between the high and low tides, which is a harsh habitat at the mercy of both land and sea. Yet in this diversity is an intricate web of life that demonstrates incredible diversity.

The southenr Africa marine zoogeographical province is home to more limpet species than any of the other 15 marine provinces of the world. De Hoop marine reserve is an ideal location to discover life in the intertidal zone as it is one of the world’s most pristine rocky shores with the greatest biodiversity of intertidal creatures. The stretch of coast is home to 11 of southern Africa’s 18 limpet species and you will see creatures found nowhere else in the world!

Uncover fascinating facts and learn more about these fascinating species from 28 to 31 May at the Inter Tidal Workshop. Between the explorations guests can enjoy picnics at Koppie Alleen, lunch at the Fig Tree Restaurant, indulge in a complimentary high tea under the fig tree, cocktail hours accompanied by informal lectures and a traditional potjie for the final evening. See the program below:

To make a reservation contact De Hoop Collection at or 021 422 4522.