Frog song

Frog song

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Frog Song

Listen to the music of the night


The frog orchestra and choir of Stanford is nearly ready for its yearly performance.

The Clicking Stream Frogs have been strumming their vocal cords for some months, and the De Villiers Moss Frogs have now joined them with their chirps. An occasional Banded Stream Frog can be heard making tentative braying sounds. A stray Cape River Frog can be heard now and then pitching in with its baritone voice.

The stage is now set for the real performance.

Be ready for the basso profondo performance of the Western Leopard Toad very soon, no later than mid-August. The soprano Arum Lily Frogs will then join the rest of the orchestra later as well as the staccato drumming of the Cape Sand Frog.

Listen very attentively to the virtuoso performance of the Leopard Toads early at night and please report to me at or 0727823431 Record when and were you heard them, and send photos.

If you want to identify the different frog calls and see what the performers look like, go to:



Frog song

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