A Novel Gift Idea

A Novel Gift Idea

Kerneels & Kie

A grandfather made wooden blocks for his granddaughter for her first Christmas. They were made of varnished pine and he's by way of being a perfectionist so they had been sanded between coats and rubbed with steel wool and who knows what else. They were as smooth as satin when I saw them and looked good enough to eat. She is the daughter he never had so nothing is too good for her and I entirely believe reports that she was thrilled when they were tipped out of the bags to fall gently on the carpet. I gather she thought it was great fun to knock down the towers her Dad built and didn't always wait for an invitation.  

What her parents loved and the reason they are going to keep the blocks in them is that the two sturdy bags in which the bags were packed had photos of their girl on them.  

That's why we were asked to supply the packaging. 

We can do it for you too. Just send us the photos you want on the bags and tell us whether you want a:

Small bag - gusset 8cm, width 26cm, height 30cm


Large bag - gusset 13cm, width 31cm, height 40cm


Whether you want the phots printed in black-'n-white, grey scale, sepia or colour

We'll come back to you with the price and delivery details as soon as we can and iron out any questions you may have. 

May I also mention that although we shall always try to deliver as quickly as possible, we do actually need a couple of days' lead time please as hands make the finished article not machines.        

(We're like the oupa who made the blocks you see, we also like our products to look good)

A Novel Gift Idea

Rosemary Fowkes

We hand make card gift boxes to fit the gift in natural brown or white card. Notes, stickers or cards are easily attached to the lids. We also provide decorated lucky packets for the person you can't think what to give and handmade envelopes of any paper of suitable weight. We'd love to make what y...

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