Recipes: Fish Cookies and Cold Fish in Low

Recipes: Fish Cookies and Cold Fish in Low

De Vette Mossel Hermanus


Recipes: Fish Cookies and Cold Fish in Low

Today we present two recipes especially for those who live bitterly far from the sea and do not have access to fresh seafood - FISH COOKIES and COLD FISH TART IN LOW. Especially the VIST TART IN LOW you can make even if you are sitting on a farm in the Great Karoo or in the Kalahari. 


This is how a FISH COOKIE should taste - not like those sour, half dry fish cakes that are made from tinted sardines.


 • 2 Kg snoek (any other fish, like stick fish, can also work)

 • 2 Large potatoes, soft-cooked and peeled

 • 1 Big onion

 • Handful of chopped parsley

 • 3 Eggs, beaten

 • ¼ Teaspoon salt

 • Pinch red pepper (for a little bit of bites)


 • Steam cook the snoek/stick fish for about 20 minutes. (Just a little bit of water in a pot.)

 • Flock the snoek/stick fish (take out the grate).

 • Meal or chop fish small, also the potato and also the onion.

 • Mix everything messed up, seasoning with salt and red pepper.

 • Make buns, press them slightly flat and bake until Auburn in a pan with oil. It's going very fast.

 • Serve it as a mid-afternoon snack, or as a full meal with capocard apples, veggies, and/or salad.


A fishy dish that you can literally make anywhere in the world, and that is surprisingly delicious. And that's quite with tinned tuna, which tastes like a baal dry alfalfa for most men. But brother, not with this recipe!


 • 2 Tins of tuna (119 g, without water)

 • 1 Pack of bacon kips or those round of salted cookies

 • 5 Tablespoons fish lake

 • 5 Hard-boiled eggs, fine-pressed

 • 3 Tablespoons mayonnaise

 • 1 Bowl mesh cheese (250 g)

 • 4 Finely chopped agurkies

 • A handful of parsley, finely chopped

 • 1 Pinch salt

 • 1 Pinch pepper

 • ½ Onion, finely chopped

 • 5 Tablespoons chutney


 • Mix everything now except the biscuits together.

 • Now pack a layer of biscuits in a tart bowl, then a layer of the mixture, then again a layer of cookies, and so on until the bowl is full.

 • Put in the fridge for a few hours.

 • It's also delicious on bread or southappies.

Recipes: Fish Cookies and Cold Fish in Low

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