Calling All Water Babies! Find Out How to Explore the Shortest River in the World

Calling All Water Babies! Find Out How to Explore the Shortest River in the World


The river running through Stanford is only 5km long as the crow flies from the origin to the river mouth, and so aptly named the Klein River. Although it has been dubbed one of the shortest river in the world for this reason, there is still 80km of pristine river to discover! Many tourists pass through Stanford with little knowledge of this enticing attraction, yet it is the pulse of the town that beckons exploration.

Depending on your personal taste there are several ways to explore the Klein River and make the most of your stay:

By Lazy Boat Cruise
The lazy boat cruise is just that…so relaxed you don’t have to lift a finger as you glide along the river and soak up the mesmerising scenery. It is the perfect way to observe the natural beauty that hugs the lush sides of the Klein River and the countless birds that flutter between the reeds. The operators will be happy to impart any knowledge they have of the area and you will most likely be treated to a light, scrumptious lunch. This is the perfect way to do nothing and enjoy everything the river has to offer.

Grab an adventure buddy and paddle your way along the bends and curves of the river. Little experience is needed as you make your way across the calm water and take an intimate view of the fauna and flora that can be found along the Klein River. Feel the rhythm of the swaying reeds and let your eyes move from the birds flying above you to the fish gliding beneath you. It is the ideal way to immerse yourself in nature’s bounty that has blossomed so magnificently along the water’s edge.

Have a Picnic
It is a well-known fact that the locals and weekenders of Stanford have an all-encompassing love for exceptional food. So why not indulge in these delicious foods in an idyllic spot? Pack a basket of delicious goods (think local cheeses, cured meats, sensational wine and freshly-baked bread…yum) and set a blanket alongside the river where the tranquillity will set the ambience for a picnic on a sun-kissed day. Besides the harmonious sounds around you there will only be the mellow laughter and chatter of families and friends relishing a relaxed day.

Swimming, jumping and other childlike play
A trip to the Klein River is the perfect opportunity to let your inner child out! The alluring glisten of the water and the opportunity for some river fun means you can leave your inhibitions behind as you jump carefree into the crisp water. It is the ideal way to cool down on a hot summer’s day and feel like a kid again.

Perfect for families or any outdoor lovers, the river is a must-see when passing through the area. Simply tap into your aquatic side and savour the moment.

Calling All Water Babies! Find Out How to Explore the Shortest River in the World

Justine Stewart

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