How to Start your Weekend off the Fresh Organic Way

How to Start your Weekend off the Fresh Organic Way


When it comes to life in Stanford, the friendly folks pride themselves on the beauty of the area they call home and the delicious food they produce. The rising of the home-baked breads in the oven resembles the golden rising sun; the locally produced beer and wine flowing like the clear waters of the mighty Klein River; the bundles of fresh fruits and vegetables showcase the colourful patchwork of the farms on which they are grown.

The local producers of all these fresh and organic produce now invite you to share in the abundance and beauty of their hard work.

How: The local farmers, bakers and artists gather every week to bring you their latest creations, produce and home-baked goods in a central spot for you to stock up for the week ahead.

What to expect: A vibrant mixture of sights, sounds and smells. You can find the perfect gift amongst the arts and crafts on sale, steaming freshly baked breads, cakes and treats and the freshest veggies, fruits and herbs straight from the farm. Also keep your eyes peeled for fresh seasonal fruit, hand-crafted jewellery, antiques and various other locally sourced produce and products. All of this is accompanied with live music and the friendly banter of townsfolk and travellers alike.

When: The weekly markets take place every Wednesday and Saturday morning and every last Friday of the month you can mosey on over to the Stanford Sunset Market.

Where is it taking place: The Saturday morning markets take place in the courtyard on the main road. The Friday Sunset markets are held in the Village Square which holds heritage status.

Why: This is the social highlight of any week. It’s a great way to meet and mingle with the locals, catch up on some gossip and find some hidden treasures. Farmers Markets have also become a great way for consumers to directly deal with producers and build up a good relationship.

For a fresh, organic start to your weekend and the perfect ending to your week, stop by at the weekly Stanford Markets and let the Stanford community treat you to their creations.

How to Start your Weekend off the Fresh Organic Way

Candice Lombard

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