Pikkewyntjies gets a store room and a sick room

Pikkewyntjies gets a store room and a sick room

Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre School

At the moment there is nowhere to stack the lever arch files, one belonging to each child which contain the record of that child's year's work.  They are piled up on top of one another in an untidy and most inconvenient pile.  

There is also nowhere for a little child with a heavy cold or a stomach upset to lie down in quiet.  They cannot stay home since there is no one to care for them so they have to come to school but they also cannot participate in the day's activities.  What happens now is a mattress is laid down in the only free space which is the lobby between the classroom and the outside door.  If any staff member needs to get to the door she has to step over the patient. 

Right now builders are at work knocking our the classroom wall to make room for a storeroom, not only for the files but also for equipment so the teachers don't have to traipse out to the storage hut outside to fetch what they need and back again at the end of the day to replace it.  There will also, of course, be space for children who need above all things, quiet and rest in order to feel better.  

Pikkewyntjies would also like to thank the builder from the bottom of our hearts for offering to do this extension for us at cost.  

Pikkewyntjies gets a store room and a sick room

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