Whatever the gift, we provide unique packaging

Whatever the gift, we provide unique packaging

Kerneels & Kie

We offer a choice of:

1.  Handmade gift boxes in natural brown card or white card with colour trim.  The boxes look really, really good dressed up with ribbon or cut-outs on their lids.  

2. White gift bags in various shapes and sizes. They can be decorated, or, personalized with adhesive copies of photographs of the recipient of the gift.  It's up to you and your preference.  

3. Envelopes cut from any paper of suitable weight. You provide the paper or ask us to use a particular paper, gift wrap or glossy magazine paper. 

Christmas is a coming and while smaller gifts may be an option for most people this year, they can be no less of a delight if they are chosen with care and look extra special.  In fact, most people keep the packaging to store other small items.  

That's our business and we'll do our best to give you exactly what you have in mind.       

Whatever the gift, we provide unique packaging

Rosemary Fowkes

We hand make card gift boxes to fit the gift in natural brown or white card. Notes, stickers or cards are easily attached to the lids. We also provide decorated lucky packets for the person you can't think what to give and handmade envelopes of any paper of suitable weight. We'd love to make what...

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