Art Classes at a Studio in Stanford

Art Classes at a Studio in Stanford

Sanette du Toit Art Studio

Hey You,

Come for an informal, fun art weekend playing with paint, fabricand flowers. Allow colour, form and scented blooms to boost your well being.

I am really a childlike florist at heart and maybe so are you!

Go home refreshed and add a touch of your creative self to your favourite room. A small painting there to dote upon, a cushion here to lean into.

Your room in the heart of Stanford is ready. Check your calendar. Contact me to confirm the date.

Discover our painterly village; so much to see, so much to do. You might want to bring your painting buddy (there is room for two).

Art Classes at a Studio in Stanford

Sanette Du Toit Art Studio

My name is Sanette Upton. I paint under my maiden surname of Du Toit. I specialise in art showing the beauty of flowers and nature. Many of my paintings are inspired by the Walker Bay area. My paintings vary from being realistic to abstract to ethereal. I also present art classes on Tuesdays, Wed...

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