Celebrating some of the Wonders and Treasures of the Gansbaai area

The saying stands true, you learn something new every day. With all its natural landscapes and beauty, Gansbaai holds so much wonder that we truly can learn something new from it every day. From the unique types of indigenous vegetation to the multitudes of land-dwelling creatures to the scores of deep diving marine animals, the area is a treasure chest of knowledge to be unlocked. It is for this reason that we have developed these fun, interactive infographics to share some of the best kept secrets of the natural world around us.

Introducing the Marine Big 5

Gansbaai is renowned as a hotspot for Great White Sharks, but it holds another treasure. A select group of awe-inspiring marine animals call these waters home. And here they are, the members of the Marine Big 5. 



Great White Shark Hotspots of the World

Being the nomadic apex predators that they are, Great White Sharks are found all over the world. They do however frequent certain spots which lead to the best Shark Cage Diving Spots in the world. See which spot is at the top of the list.



Orcas hunt Great White in Gansbaai, South Africa

Very little is known about the interaction between Great White sharks and Orcas. During the months of February to June 2017, several shark carcases washed up on the beaches of Gansbaai and surrounds. Marine biologists at the Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics were able to study these carcases and could confirm that they were hunted and killed by Orcas.