Whale watching operators in Gansbaai

Gansbaai is one of the prime places in the world to view Southern Right Whales. From the months of July to December this small town becomes the whales’ summer home. This is one of the most amazing spots to watch them for two main reasons. The first is a result of the topography of the land and the whales’ tendency to mate really close to the shore. This means that when you stand on a rocky edge they can be about an arm’s length away! The second reason Gansbaai has some of the best whale viewing is because of their playful nature. Their jovial state means everyone gets to enjoy one whale of a show. 

Whale watching operators in Gansbaai take eager guests from all over the world to view these colossal animals, the Southern Right Whales. The chances of seeing these magnificent creatures during whale season are so great that many operators offer a refund trip if you, by some unlucky chance, don’t get to see one. Their professionalism and honest work ethic guarantees an enjoyable trip no matter what.

It is amazing being out at sea on their turf and viewing the whales from new heights. Fortunately the Southern Rights are very curious creatures, they love to come right up to the boat and stare one great eye up at the spectators on board. Whether they find our giddy gasps amusing or they just want to see how funny we look, who can say? Marine biologists have been trying to figure out why the whales breach and wave their fins in the air, but the only conclusion they have come to is that the whales are just having some fun. It is breath-taking to see 50 tons of whale propel itself out of the water and land with a colossal splash!

The Southern Right Whales are so named because they used to be the ‘right’ whales to hunt. Now they can be known as the ‘right’ whales to watch because of their playful nature. They also have a curious nature that brings them closer to the audience. The whales journey here after a six-month feeding frenzy in the Antarctic. Once they have fattened themselves up they come to sunny South Africa to mate and calve. It is very common and precious to see mother and child swimming side by side. 

Whale watching operators try their best not to intervene in the natural movements of the Southern Right Whale, which is why they do not ride right up to them but let the whale decide the proximity of the visit. The professionals operating these tours are also at the forefront of conservation for whales as it is something they are truly passionate about. People will hopefully leave feeling invigorated and beyond thrilled. There are also high hopes that each guest feels inspired enough to promote whale conservation.

So, how about it then? Come to the tip of Africa and bask in an experience that could change your life! The gentle giants of the ocean should be appreciated up-close by anyone with an appreciation for the wonderful elements of the world. 

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