Gansbaai Luxury Accommodation

The luxury accommodation in Gansbaai merges the two words ‘Paradise’ and ‘Eden’ together.  ‘Paradise’ refers to a place that encapsulates all of your desires and aspirations where ‘Eden’ refers to a state of bliss, ultimate happiness and utter contentment. These ideal qualities can be attained here in Gansbaai as it has only the best to offer. 

It may not be obvious to many that this small town can boast such lavish accommodation, but it does! Potential guests can choose between exclusive lodges, lavishly decorated self-catering accommodation, 5-star Bed & Breakfasts and stylish suites on farms. There is a list of luxury accommodation that can meet your every want as you journey to one of the most Southern points of Africa. 

Guests can choose to be embedded in the fynbos with a backdrop of the sprawling Overberg Mountains and wild twittering birds. The flora found in this region, known as Fynbos, is unique to this part of the world and South Africa.  So it would most certainly be a worthwhile experience as you get to live amidst plants some people will never have the opportunity to see. 

The other option is to be situated within walking distance to the ocean. A sea view is incredible wherever you go; the lull of the ocean is like a call for relaxation and positive energy. However, a sea view is made extra special in Gansbaai because of its geographical aesthetics. Visitors are spoilt with the views of the swell of the Atlantic, the lush expanse of fynbos and the Overberg Mountains. 

During whale season this view is only enhanced to the extreme. The southern right whales have designated this area as their mating, calving and all-round playground from July to December. The numerous luxury accommodations that offer a sea view are an ideal spot to watch these gentle giants. Nothing could beat relishing the interior comforts while viewing the pristine setting dotted by these rare, majestic animals. 

When you aren’t lazing on a king-size bed with down duvets and crisp linen or soaking in a rim-flow swimming pool, there are a lot of things to do in Gansbaai. The options for activities are endless in this rich landscape. From boarding a Cessna 175 for a scenic flight over the Overberg expanse to boarding a chartered fishing boat for a deep-sea fishing adventure, there is much to choose from. 

For those who enjoy soaking in the sights from new points and relish challenging their body, there are many hiking options. You can trek through the lush fynbos, venture up a mountain top or even stroll along the long, untouched beaches. Otherwise, for the free spirits, there is horseback riding as you can trot your way through the bushy landscape or gallop with the sand beneath you and the wind coursing through your hair. 

For the adventure junkies, there is shark cage diving with the infamously misunderstood Great White Sharks, a truly adrenaline-pumping endeavour that will have you leaving with a better knowledge of these splendid creatures. There is also quad biking through the unspoiled terrain and kayaking through the sea or river. Both serve as a great deal of fun. If you want something a little calmer and more relaxed, then take a leisurely trip through the Elim Wine Route to taste some of the exquisite local wine. 

So, take a leap of faith and come experience moments that you will cherish forever in Gansbaai. This hidden gem has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to lavish living, relaxing meanders, thrilling adventures and some totally new experiences.  

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A peaceful meditation retreat nestled at the foot of the Witkransberg just outside Stanford in the Overberg.

A peaceful meditation retreat nestled at the foot of the Witkransberg just outside Stanford in the Overberg.

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