Kayaking in Gansbaai

Close to most southern tip of Africa Gansbaai is an inspirational place to go kayaking. This human powered mode of transportation allows you to get up close and personal to the largest mammals on the planet. Kayaking in Gansbaai is definitely one of the best ways to discover the waterways of the area while gaining a whole new perspective on the landscape. 

Kayaking was first created by the Arctic people as a means of hunting. Consisting of a simple wooden structure covered in animal skins, kayaks came in many shapes and sizes depending on the region. The modernized version of the sport and the kayaks themselves came to light in the early 19th century and has since spread like wildfire.  

Kayaking tours are available every day of the week and are mostly ocean based sea-kayaking excursions. Starting off from Stanford’s Cove, the tours follow the coast roaming the area known as Whale Bay. Alternative routes along rivers are available in our neighbouring town, Stanford. All routes are led by qualified guides and need no previous experience

Fast becoming one of the most preferred things to do on a Saturday, kayaking in Gansbaai is an activity the whole family can enjoy.It is a fun activity that allows for the exploration of rivers and streams at a gentle pace; no experience is needed. As you glide along enjoy the sights and sounds and learn something new about the area as a family.Families can even pair up in double kayaks and take on the rowing together. 

From rubbing shoulders with whales to exploring otherwise inaccessible caves this is the adventure no one can resist. It’s so appealing you might just get a friendly tag-along. Curious seals or dolphins are common co-pilots on these excursions, so don’t be alarmed. 

A popular destination of the tours is usually De Kelders. There are private caves that may only be explored in the presence of the kayak companies. If along the way you need a rest or want to investigate something that drew your attention, just let the guides know and paddle on over. Once at the caves, there is time allowed for swimming and sight-seeing before continuing on the trip.

So for an easy-going educational exploration of the area, try kayaking. It is an invigorating activity that can be taken on by yourself, with friends or with family. You are bound to learn or see something new and exciting for the first time, while simmering up next to nature. Just keep paddling.

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