The Beauty of Gansbaai - Weekend Inspiration

The Beauty of Gansbaai - Weekend Inspiration


This weekend in Gansbaai we invite you to become immersed in the beauty of the area. Gansbaai truly is a one in a million destination with an abundance of plant and animal life alike. The small fishing village hosts an array of spectacular natural sights and landscapes waiting to be explored. What are you waiting for?

Seemingly endless stretched of pristine beaches and valleys filled with lush vegetation
draws the outline of the town on one side. While vast, abundant oceans on the other side sway to their own undulating rhythm unhindered by time and human activity. 

The diverse vegetation is uniquely endemic to this small region and has been declared a World Heritage Site, the Cape Floral Kingdom. Pulsing with movement from the various flying and earth-bound critters that inhabit this diverse plant growth, it’s a sight to behold. Colourful singing birds flit from one flower to the next while small species of buck and even a leopard has been spotted in the area.

The deep blue sea offers an array of different activities to enjoy and take part in. All visitors whether young and fit or old and sluggish can come face to face with the stunning nature and the wildlife it hides below the surface. Boat and kayaking trips sidles you up right next to the beloved members of the Marine Big 5 while feeling the spray on your face.

And whether out at sea or sitting on your porch, the panoramic views of Gansbaai will have you gaping at the skies. Warming sunsets and exquisite sunrises are always on the menu along with the changing colours of the fields and landscapes as the seasons battle for dominance.

Head into the weekend with your lungs filled with fresh mountain and sea air and the natural sounds of birds and oceans filling your senses. This little town with its inspiring beauty and tranquillity will have you mesmerized and calmed to the core. Be inspired by nature, by beauty, by Gansbaai.

The Beauty of Gansbaai - Weekend Inspiration

Candice Lombard

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