A fond fairwell to the Southern Right Whales

The annual migration of Southern Right Whales to the Walker Bay always brings new life and energy to our cliffs and shoreline in Gansbaai. People travel from miles to see these freindly giants mate, play and deliver performances that never fail to amaze the wide eyed onlookers.

While Hermanus is internationally recognised as the best place in the world to do land based whale watching, our very own De Kelders cliffs are fast attracting the spot light. Just the other day one of our guides asked some fellow whale watchers where they were staying and was surpirsed to hear "In a B&B in Hemrnaus". His next questions inevitably was "Why are you whale watching in De Kelders then?" Much to his suprise they quickly responded by saying "Someone told us that if we truly wanted the "Best Land Based Whale watching" experience then there was nowhere quite like the cliffs of De Kelders in Gansbaai". With a smile and a boosted ego, our guide confidently replied, "I can only agree".

On behalf of Grootbos and the Greater Gansbaai area we would like wish a warmest fairwell to our top oceanic performers. To the departing Southern Right Whales we would like to say "We have indulged in your presence, been blown away by your performances and are as always inspired by your majesty . . . THANK YOU and blessed journey back to your icy Antarctic homes".