Kammabaai Beach

Kammabaai Beach 


Kammabaai Beach Address:

5th Avenue, Hermanus

Directions to Kammabaai Beach:

Kammabaai Beach in Hermanus is located on the western side of Grotto Beach and can be reached from there by slipping behind some rocks at low tide. Alternatively, the little beach can be accessed via stairs that lead down from the cliff path.

Average Ocean Temperatures at Kammabaai Beach:

  • Spring - 17°C/63°F
  • Summer - 15°C/59°F
  • Autumn - 16°C/61°F
  • Winter - 19°C/66°F

Kammabaai Beach is Best for:

  • Privacy
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Picnics
  • Weddings

Amenities at Kammabaai Beach:

  • Toilets (Grotto Beach)
  • Showers (Grotto Beach)
  • Parking (Grotto Beach)
  • Restaurant (Grotto Beach)

Kammabaai Beach Overview:

Kammabaai Beach is protected by rocky outcrops that hug either side of the beach, ensuring protection from the wind and total privacy. This cute little nook, best visited at low tide, is also known by locals as Lover’s Cove. 

If you prefer a seaside spot where you can enjoy peace and tranquillity, Kammabaai Beach is where it’s at.

Beaches & Tidal Pools in-and-around Hermanus:

*Please Note: The sea can be extremely rough at times and it is always best to consult locals on conditions and swim where lifeguards are on duty.