Colourful Wall Murals are Changing the Face of Stanford

Colourful Wall Murals are Changing the Face of Stanford


There is a colourful project in progress in a small corner of Stanford that is making untold differences to the local community. Walking through the Stanford settlement is a completely new experience as the Township Art Project is converting simple houses into works of art. Colourful murals now adorn the walls of many of the homes that are hoping to be a catalyst for a vibrant and happy community.

The Township Art Project was inspired by the Viva Foundation of South Africa and David Krut but it is owned and implemented by the Stanford community. Through community effort it is hoped that people can come together and instigate positive change in a simple and creative way. Through art and colour there is an immediate transformation that is easily achieved and provides instant upliftment to the area.

The Stanford township has been transformed into a living semblance of an interactive art gallery that can hopefully stimulate the neighbourhood not only emotionally, but economically as well. The community is anticipating a growing surge of tourism to the local township that will hopefully enable the home-owners to offer products and services at events. Household income will thus increase with the sale of products and possibly the donations of passers-by taking photographs.

During the course of the project all walks of life will be contributing to the success of this creative endeavour. Those living in the informal settlements will brush paint next to those that are more fortunate in a communal effort to make a difference. Many bridges will be crossed and divides broken with this common goal in mind, bringing the community together. Art training is provided to both young and old in the community that will cover a range of varying art disciplines to inspire and uplift.

Although only a simple change on the outside, the artwork will undoubtedly create a more positive attitude amongst the community. The vivid colours and alluring shapes hope to inspire a positive and happy outlook for the neighbourhood and alleviate some of the symptoms of poverty in some small way.  

Colourful Wall Murals are Changing the Face of Stanford

Justine Stewart

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