Why Stanford is South Africa's Favourite Village

Why Stanford is South Africa's Favourite Village


Of all the quaint South African villages that are blessed with individual charm and mesmerising views, Stanford was chosen as the best village in the country. The SA Destination Award, conceptualised by Cape Info, aims to highlight the towns, cities and villages that people WANT to live in. Looking beyond just visual aesthetics, Stanford was chosen because of various contributing factors that make it a village people want to be a part of.

A town is neither defined by its buildings nor its infrastructure but by its people. Citizen confidence, pride, participation and consumer activism are all key factors for the development process and general success of the town. Stanford is well-known for having a community that is both vibrant and caring. The town is mostly made up of permanent residents and regular weekenders that guard their architectural heritage and environment with great zeal while continuously taking part in community upliftment programmes.

The allure of the natural surrounding beauty coupled with the warm hospitality of the townsfolk has resulted in more weekenders becoming permanent residents. Not to mention there are several award-winning restaurants and artsy cafes. Just a short drive into the countryside and you will find yourself surrounded by molten decadence – fine wine and craft beer. The wine farms and micro-brewery offer a sensory excursion as both the view and the flavours swirling on your palette will take your breath away.

The community has a great lust for organic produce as nothing besides garden-fresh will do! The Wednesday and Saturday markets are an opportunity for local farmers to sell their sumptuous fruits and vegetables while cooks and bakers tempt the audience with enticing smells and flavours. After filling up on the delicious cuisine many make their way to the river where picnics, lazy boat cruises and swift kayakers set the pace on a balmy Sunday afternoon.

If you really want to find out for yourself why Stanford is South Africa’s favourite village, simply make your way along the hour and a half scenic route from Cape Town. Stanford is set between Hermanus and Gansbaai (which boast unrivalled marine life) along the R43. Don’t let this charming village skip your radar!

Why Stanford is South Africa's Favourite Village

Justine Stewart

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