Welcome to Caledon

Caledon isn’t simply just another town along the National N2 Highway, it’s widely considered as the “Capital of the Overberg”, and is just 120km from Cape Town itself. Owing to its origin to the mineral hot water springs on the slopes of the Swartberg, Caledon is the epitome of warm hospitality and rural charm with lots of attractions to entertain those who visit the area.


The scenic aspect of this part of the Overberg is undeniable, from every direction the rolling hills and majestic mountains lend themselves to outdoor enjoyment. There is a wealth of adventure to be had in Caledon from mountain biking, hiking and 4x4 trails to fishing, horse riding and golf, there is something for everyone. Bird watchers in particular flock to the area for the chance to spot the protected blue crane, South Africa’s national bird. 


Caledon Hotel and Spa is a hub for many of the region’s locals and also draws visitors from around South Africa and abroad. The famous hot springs, which were discovered by the early Khoi-Khoi people and then frequented later by Europeans who attributed healing properties to the iron-rich waters, are a part of the hotel’s grounds. There are seven springs in total, one of which is cold and the other six are heated by pressure deep underground (usually to around 49.5°C). This elegant establishment also offers well-appointed conference centres, various sporting amenities, a beauty clinic with renowned hydro-therapy treatments and relaxation facilities, as well as excellent personal services. 


As an agricultural hub Caledon also features a world-renowned Wildflower Garden which forms part of a protected reserve. One can hike through this garden to experience the one-of-a-kind indigenous fynbos vegetation. This walking route also provides some of the most spectacular views of the Swartberg mountain range but remember to take water with you. If you happen to visit the area during September, try to catch the annual Wildflower show which features the abundant array of indigenous wildflowers that bloom for spring.


The town experiences warm, dry summers and this is the best time to visit if you want to explore the outdoor adventures in the region. Other than the hotel, there are guest houses and B&Bs where you can relax and spend a few days while you explore the town. There is also a mall with a supermarket available in the town centre if you’re wanting to self-cater or stock up for further travelling. There are also restaurants and pubs for travellers wishing to eat out and meet some of the community during their stay.