Top Attractions

1. Visit the Acclaimed Caledon Hotel, Casino and Spa

The Caledon Hotel, Casino and Spa is one of the top attractions in this area and a firm favourite amongst visitors and locals alike! You can enjoy a great meal at any of the restaurants, pamper yourself with massages and treatments, as well as try your hand at some gambling – all within walking distance from each other. The buffet dinners at the hotel are particularly well-attended with delicious meals and entertainment available for all. If you’re considering a stay at this elegant establishment, the rooms on the upper floor overlook the valley and offer spectacular views. Alternatively, the rooms on the lower floors open up onto the lawns and pools. Accommodation in Caledon


2. Take a Dip in the Historical Hot Springs

For as long as the town of Caledon has existed, the natural warm spring baths have been one of the main reasons to visit. People travel from near and far to bask in the varying temperatures of pools along the slopes of the Swartberg. You can access the springs as a day visitor at the Caledon Hotel and you can even explore the elegant Victorian Bath House that was built in 1897. The water may be a distinctive brown colour but this is due to the rich iron content. In fact, you can often see the distinct layer of high mineral density on the surface of the baths. History of Caledon


3. Zip Through the Tree Tops with Canopy Tours

There is nothing quite as amazing as seeing Caledon while gliding amidst lush vegetation. You can experience this wonder with zip lining tours, which allow you to tower above the ground approximately 8 to 18m high. As you glide, you can watch the flora below you shift from ivy cloaked surfaces to ancient oak tree canopies. Many people describe this experience of being surrounded by trees and wildlife, hearing the soft soothing sounds of poplar leaves on the wind as “simply magical”. Soar from 12 consecutive platforms, taking in the tranquil ambience of the surrounding landscape whilst having peace of mind in the state-of-the-art breaking system and speed control features. Outdoor Adventures in Caledon


4. Enjoy Off-Road Go-karts and Quad Bikes

For those who love the thrill of go karting and quad biking, Caledon offers a wonderful opportunity to race along dirt roads with your friends, family or even colleagues. This healthy dose of competition can make for hours of fun. For those who like to take things a bit easier, there is a great vantage point from the grass banks and pavilion to relax and watch the racing. Teams can enjoy relay races, as well as braai or spit lunch snacks alongside the track. You can also travel the gravel road around the Hotel and Spa on quad bikes with a guide, who will take you on a private tour of the grounds. Quad Biking in Caledon


5. Experience the Thrill of Target Shooting and Archery

Whether you’re an avid fan or a complete novice, you’re sure to enjoy the rush of shooting at Olympic size targets and silhouettes on a 15 metre air rifle and archery range in Caledon. Not only is this enormously fun but it’s also very competitive. Considered a sport for any time of the year, archery and target shooting can be enjoyed by people of almost any age, gender or physical ability. It’s also an incredibly versatile activity, allowing for all sorts of competitions between couples, families or even larger corporate groups. Things To Do in Caledon


6. Suit Up For A Game of Paintball

Caledon offers challenging and fun paintball courses and fields. You can take part in several styles of tactical games as well as simulate real life scenarios to enhance the experience. You’ll need to organise a minimum game of at least 8 players. However, if you’re a large group, even parties of up 250 players can book. These are renowned as some of the best fields in South Africa to paintball on, featuring tree houses, camps and even bridges. Once you’re done for the day, you’ll also find braai facilities here to host a wonderful meal for the players. Action Sports in Caledon


7. Take a Stroll Through Caledon's Wildflower Garden

Managed by the Caledon Wildflower Society, this incredible garden is open daily for visitors and is one of the unique selling points of Caledon. It’s particularly renowned for the splendid display of wildflower varieties, including over 135 different species of Proteas. You can enjoy a 10km (approx. 3 - 5 hours) walk that starts and ends in the gardens. This is a wonderful opportunity to take in the indigenous plant life and prolific bird species. You might even be one of the lucky few who spot the endemic Cape Sugarbird or the national bird of South Africa, the majestic Blue Crane. You’ll also find charming pathways, wooden bridges and plenty of picnic spots alongside the route. Don’t forget to drop in at the tearoom for a light meal and refreshing drink after your walk! Things To Do in Caledon


8. Enjoy Some Fishing With Friends and Family

There are a few farms surrounding Caledon that offer prime fishing spots, among other adventures. For those wanting to do some fly fishing, there are plenty of trout and carp in the area. If you’d like to bring along the whole family, there are plenty of picnic spots alongside dams and rivers in Caledon, making for a perfect day out for all! Fishing in Caledon


9. Learn about Caledon's Legacy at the Museum

The Caledon Museum is a wealth of information about the area’s past and legacy. You can find the main museum at 11 Constitution Street, its split into two buildings depicting the two pillars of the local history. The Victorian House features artefacts from between 1840 and 1900, showcasing the Victorian lifestyle in Caledon during that period. If you happen to visit on a Friday, then you’ll be able to watch the bread baking demonstration using authentic tools and techniques from the past. Then over at the Masonic Lodge, you’re able to take in a visual historic account of the Caledon coloured community from before the Group Areas Act of the 1950s. History of Caledon


10. Visit the Renowned Dassiesfontein Farm Stall

This traditional farm stall is just a few kilometres from Caledon and is considered the heart of the Overberg’s culinary delights. One of the region’s top attractions, this fully licensed restaurant is a thriving hot-spot for locals and it showcases true South African hospitality. You can order home-made, farm-style meals and enjoy a cold beer or even a coffee. There are a variety of take away options too, from freshly-baked bread and venison pies to milk, yoghurt and delicious artisanal cheeses. Farm Stalls in Caledon