Specials in Caledon

Caledon is ideally located just over an hour from Cape Town. Visitors are presented with a perfect weekend getaway characterised by days spent bathing in mineral rich hot springs and starlit evenings accompanied by delicious food and drink. 

The surrounding vistas are a combination of epic mountain folds courtesy of the Klein Swartberg range and infinite barley and wheat fields that are often coloured in bright yellow or green, making up the town’s agricultural identity. 

There are many reasons to visit Caledon and a visit is made even sweeter by some of the great specials offered by the establishments in the town. Visitors will be delighted to discover a variety on on-going special offers to choose from including food, accommodation, entertainment and relaxation offers. 

Caledon’s proximity to bigger towns like Hermanus and Cape Town means that visitors have the freedom to make a spontaneous break from the city with little forethought and wonderful rewards.  Paying a discounted rate on a room, getting a free shuttle service to and from neighboring towns or enjoying a fabulous dinner for two for the price of one, is even more of a motivation to visit Caledon. 

Travellers who are planning a more comprehensive trip of the Western Cape are encouraged to incorporate Caledon into their route, where the town’s assets can be enjoyed for a night or two before continuing the journey through the Overberg. 

Indulge with a spa treatment you’d ordinarily never have or use the money saved on your accommodation special to experience another great adventure of the town. With many great deals on offer, Caledon is a wonderful and affordable destination not to be missed.