Special events in Caledon

Arriving in Caledon is like driving through the Windows ’95 desktop wallpaper. The fields all around you seem airbrushed in their perfection and when the sun is shining, the sky above is so blue it blows your mind. Understandably, the hot springs that draw people from all over the world are just one of the many things to do in Caledon. As an agricultural area, these surrounds are home to crops and livestock, but also a lively community that’s passionate about preserving its way of life. Tranquil and beautiful, life here rolls with the seasons and always has time for a cup of coffee with the neighbours.

When you’re in Caledon for a special event, you can expect a good time. The community calendar is filled with exciting things to experience and caters for all ages. One of the better-known events in Caledon is the annual flower show. As the weather warms up and the blooms begin to open, the mountain slopes come alive in a riot of hues, making this a very good time to be present with a camera. However, this is not the only thing going on in the town. From craft beer extravaganzas, complete with live music and kiddies’ entertainment to farmers’ market days and friendly sports contests, there’s plenty to do around here.

Special events in Caledon don’t only draw the locals out, but folks from neighbouring towns pop over to enjoy the festivities too. While some occasions are spectacular, boasting extensive infrastructure and even media coverage, others target a small sector of the local population. The town libraries hold regular exciting events for little ones, from storytelling sessions to holiday clubs. It’s these community initiatives that make towns like Caledon wonderful spots to visit and lovely places to live. When the local residents plan a thing, you bet your bottom dollar that it’s worth experiencing.

Small towns like Caledon speckle the route through the Overberg. Some are farming communities, others are holiday destinations and others still are teeny tiny villages but they all have a staunch love for the Cape Country Meander in common. This means that when you visit, you can expect to find people who want to show off their town. Warm welcomes abound along with pointers on what to do and see, so you can enjoy your time in these beautiful surroundings and plan how to make this your regular home away from home.

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