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Caledon news and information distributors are available in an array of mediums, ready for public consumption. Whether you prefer a daily newspaper, weekly community pages or receive all of your worldly news via your mobile phone, desktop or tablet, keeping in touch with the news is easy. From international politics and stock market updates to property insights, job listings and important news breaks, just because you’re based in a small town like Caledon, doesn’t mean that you should be out of the loop of what’s going on around you.

These businesses in Caledon are an important support service to the whole community here. With a thriving residential population, it’s important for locals to know what’s going on around them. There’s an array of mediums available, each of which have their own team of dedicated journalists, writers and printers to deliver the news to you. Additionally, you can also find a publishing house here which offers both print and digital services to small, medium and large businesses.

Caledon lies in an area of the Overberg region that is known as the Cape Country Meander and is made up of a collection of small, medium and large towns, the biggest of which is Caledon itself. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of South Africa that’s frequented by thousands of road trippers and international travellers alike every year. So, forget what you may think or remember about small towns because they’re certainly not as secluded as you may think. Whether you get your news on your mobile, tablet, desktop or from the post office distributor, you’re bound to stay in the loop thanks to the Caledon news and information services. While many people come to this part of the Overberg to break away from technology and constant communication, it’s always nice to know it’s just a hand away should we require it.

If you consider yourself a professional journalist or perhaps you have a story that needs to be made public, consider these newspapers and websites to assist. From PR requirements and marketing purposes to personal speech writing and other related topics. Additionally, if it’s marketing you’re looking for, there’s a host of digital services and independent professionals here who can assist with your business needs. From building websites and social media marketing to blog writing and freelance SEO specialists, there’s a host of digitally savvy independent contractors and agencies available in Caledon that can assist.

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