Self-catering accommodation in Caledon with a jacuzzi

Want to indulge in a getaway that’s got some class and sophistication, but still allows you the freedom to do things your way? Then take a look at some of the great accommodation in Caledon for your next holiday. There are excellent self-catering options that are luxurious and indulgent – just right for an escape into the countryside where you can relax in peace.

One of the best ways to get away from all the stresses of everyday life is to book into self-catering with a Jacuzzi. You can have a leisurely holiday that you can run at the pace you want to go at, and you have some added luxury that will help you to really unwind. Imagine sitting in the warm, bubbling water as the sun sets, enjoying sipping on your favourite drink, and being surrounded by some of the best scenery that South Africa has to offer. This could easily be you on your next holiday – all you have to do is book into the right place.

Self-catering accommodation is quite popular with people escaping on to the Cape Country Meander. This type of accommodation gives you great freedom while on holiday, because you don’t have to stick to any schedule imposed on you by restaurant times or cleaning routines like you get in hotels or guest houses. You also have complete control over what and when you eat. You have a kitchen where you can store food and cook or prepare when you want to. This is particularly nice if you want to spend your days out exploring the region, hiking in the mountains or visiting beaches. You can pack lunches and snacks that you’ve prepared and eat them while out on your adventure. When you get back to town, you can either grab a bite to eat at a restaurant or make your own dinner – the choice is yours.

Many people come to Caledon to treat themselves. The famous hot springs are incredible for relaxing in and rejuvenating body, soul and mind. Spending your holiday lazing in the natural springs is wonderful for relieving tension in your body and for calming your thoughts and getting rid of your stress. You can also visit the renowned spa in the area that uses mineral water from the springs in many of their treatments. Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures have never felt so good. Once you’re done with the relaxation method of your choice, you can head back to your accommodation and continue unwinding with a session in your very own Jacuzzi. What could be better?

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