Township Tour with Gansbaai Tourism Bureau Committe

The day was a bit cloudy, but surely it did not put a cloud over our eagerness to explore the secrets of Masakhane. Together with some of the people of the Gansbaai Tourism Bureau Committee and staff we had an awesome time making our way through the streets, stopping here and there to tell them a little bit more about Masakhane.

We met at the Gansbaai Tourism Bureau and from there on we departed to Masakhane. At the taxi rank we had our pre – tour talk and then set off on foot scouting through the village.

All went well and with all the mysteries revealed and happy tourists we all said our goodbyes and head our own way.

A thanks to all that joined me on the tour, it was a blessing to have spent time with you. 

Telling the ins and outs of the tour.
One of the favourite Masakhane Meals - Cows feet
My crowd was very interested in the story.
Sharing the story of
Showing them all and everything on foot.