Bewaring meer as net praat

Bewaring meer as net praat

Gansbaai Courant

Die nuwe Beachcomber Guide Marine & Coastal Information Kiosk in Pearly Beach van Jason Stonehewer, met Jason voor die houthuisie

Na aanleiding van 'n berig (Gansbaai Courant, 28 Maart 2013), "Tweedoelige 'Lintknip' vir Pearly Beach', is die houthuisie by Pearly Beach se ingang deur Gansbaai Courant besoek. Die geboutjie is aanvanklik as die Herbarium gebruik, maar is deur Jason Stonehewer gekoop, nadat die pragtige fasiliteite met 'n Noodhulpkamer en Herbarium op 14 Maart 2013 deur Overstrandse Uitvoerende Burgemeester, rdl Nicolette Botha-Guthrie, geopen is.

Die uitstallings in die nuwe en kleurvolle Beachcomber Guide Marine & Coastal Information Kiosk het beïndruk en is 'n aanwins vir Pearly Beach en besoekers kan gerus daar inloer. Jason dien tans as voorsitter vir Pearly Beach Bewarea, wat aanvanklik in Desember 1991 as die Pearly Beach Bewaringsvereniging gestig is. Dan is hy ook by die Shark Egg Case Monitoring Project in die Kaap betrokke. Jason het, op navraag deur Gansbaai Courant, soos volg oor bewaring gereageer: "Walking along our coast, you will come across some creatures and plants that defy explanation, a visit to the new Beachcomber Guide Marine & Coastal Information Kiosk in Pearly Beach will answer many questions, like identifying these organisms into their kingdoms and genus, the kiosk is open daily and is free! The colourful display and information boards illustrate the many complex ecosystems unique to this coast and tell a rich story of the marine diversity we are privileged to observe on our doorstep.

'n Kykie na die interessante en insiggewende binnekant van die Inligtingskiosk te Pearly Beach

The initiative for this project started a few years ago while I attended a 6 week F.G.A.S.A. nature guiding course, followed by two years of studying marine and coastal ecology, becoming aware of the complexities of our environment sparked an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about our natural world, which evolved into a desire to share these wonders. The next step will be to encourage young people to take an interest and become more connected to their environment, inspiring a sound conservation ethic for future generations. If we understand our fascinating environment the desire to preserve it naturally follows. Our lives are bombarded with messages: "Save the environment", "Stop global warming", etc. I believe the task is too large to contemplate on a daily basis, so go easy on yourself; stop trying to change the world and rather put your waking effort into changing yourself into a better person and undoubtedly your world and mine will change for the better." Pearly Beacher's, soos vele ander bewaringsorganisasies in die omgewing, staan daarvoor bekend dat hulle 'n groot ingesteldheid ten opsigte van bewaring handhaaf.

Vir navrae rakende die Pearly Beach Herbarium kan Heilie Mostert by 028-381-9888 of 082-392-1178 geskakel word, of stuur 'n e-pos aan haar by

Vir verdere navrae rakende Pearly Beach Bewarea, of die nuwe Beachcomber Guide Marine & Coastal Information Kiosk, kan Jason Stonehewer by 072-890-4317 geskakel word, of stuur 'n e-pos aan hom by

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Bewaring meer as net praat

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