Wonders of Nature - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiration

 This week, we stand in awe of the wonders and power of nature. Not only due to the shuddering weather we’re experiencing in Gansbaai but also due to the everyday natural ecosystems all around us.

We often forget about the abundance of life all around us and that it functions completely on its own. Like the involuntary systems in your body, nature albeit fauna or flora, has been existing and flourishing without our conscious contribution. 

Sitting inside and watching the wind howl through the raggedly swaying trees and forcing up mighty waves on the ocean, one can only stand in awe. The fantastic power of nature and its elements should not make us fearful but respectful and also inspire us. Be as gripping as the fierce wind, as powerful as the roaring oceans, as persistent as the beating rain.

Many say they draw their inspiration from staring into the dancing flames of a fire or the undulating ebb of the ocean’s waves. And so should we all, draw inspiration and courage from nature and its never-ending showcase of life and energy.

Here’s to a week of taking a step back and just taking in the sheer raw power and awe-inspiring abundance of life and nature all around us.