Enjoy the Seasons - Gansbaai Weekly Inspiration

Living next to the coast we get to experience the seasons a whole new way in Gansbaai. And though most of us are still shaking the rain of the past weekend from our feathers, we should appreciate every season’s unique aspects.

The crisp Winter days we currently find ourselves in bring forth red cheeks and the excuse to build high fires, but also seemingly endless clear skies. Grey skies packed with fluffy white clouds hold the promise of stunning imagery and also rain. Rains that nourish the earth and leaves a soft cover over grass blades and spider webs. And of course, after the rain comes the rainbows and the sunshine…

brings forth the wonders of colours and wildlife abound. Numerous critters creep out of their Winter slumber to accompany the singing birds and beetles. The microscopic kingdoms come alive and let us know that the best natural show on earth is upon us. The blooming of hundreds of flora species scattered across our landscapes. A burst of vibrancy fills our senses as the hills transform into vast fields of pink and white and orange. And the evening skies come alive as the soft glows of pink and purple dance across the skies.

Our favourite season Summer is up next, and how we have waited patiently for its warmth. Glorious sunshine days filled with an abundance of activities to soak up all the Vitamin D we possibly can. Entire days spent at the beach and roaming the winding trails through our unique Fynbos landscapes, never seem long enough. The evenings stretch on forever and end off in a spectacular show of warm reds and oranges that fill your senses and enriches your soul.

And after the glorious vibrant colours of Summer, we ebb into the golden hues of Autumn. The skies gain hints of blues and the landscapes shed their brilliant colours for their Autumn coats. The days grow shorter and we enjoy the last embers of the low setting sun.

Unfortunately, our nature compels us to only enjoy the easy-going times, but we must learn to appreciate all. If there is no Winter, there will be no Summer to look forward to, so we must accept and embrace in all manners of life. We must try to always see the good in situations, grow and be thankful that at the end of Winter, Summer is coming.