Nature Clothes itself in Colour

Nature Clothes itself in Colour


No matter when or where you hike, cycle, swim or drive in or around the greater Gansbaai area - the magic mix and display of brilliant colour is everywhere! You see it in the iridescent plumage of the Malachite sunbird and sugarbirds that bar-hop between the shocking pink and red petals of Erica and protea fynbos flowers and in the multi-hued shades of blue that contrast sea, mountain and sky.

The diverse Overberg habitats of verdant foliage, dense Milkwood forests and flowering fynbos fields flanking epic white sand beaches and majestic mountains create a kaleidoscope of unsurpassed natural beauty and brilliance. Every season yields its own colour-connoisseur - bright yellow canola fields and emerald green vineyards are transformed into autumn-coloured shades of brown and orange-dappled landscapes by the first winter rains. Splashes of multi-coloured summer flowers bobbing in the breeze gracefully surrender the stage to sturdy fynbos and vygie species that welcome the winter cold with brilliant blossoms. Few places can boast a more idyllic setting for breathtaking sunsets than the Walker Bay coastline. On cloudy days, the sun sets the sea ablaze with a furious orchestra of red, purple and blue strokes, while cloudless skies are bid farewell with a gentle symphony of pastel pinks and blues.

Flowers on the beach in Gansbaai

The surrounding ocean reflects the mysterious moods of the moon in colour-coded messages of ever-changing tides and turbulence. Every one of the various beaches that encircles the Gansbaai area boasts a unique palet of colour and contrasts - from the rocky shoreline of De Kelders and Danger Point to the endless sand beaches of Franskraal and Pearly Beach feature their own blissful blend of colours and creatures.

Come and watch, wait and be awed by the way that nature wears colour to clothe itself in magic! 

Nature Clothes itself in Colour

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