B'bos Art Route - Weekend Inspiration

This weekend we’re inviting you into the homes and studios of our famous B’bos Art Route artists. Come and experience a true culture shock and see the world through their creative eyes. This extraordinary event comes around twice a year, once in early April and again in September. It is a local gathering to see art that is internationally appreciated.

Travel along the rural back roads that meander through the countryside from which our beloved artists draw their inspiration and end up in the small hamlet of Baardskeerdersbos (B’bos). A small welcoming community resides here along with all the renowned artists. Their art can be admired after a stroll through the village or a short drive out to those who live on farms in the nearby surrounding area. And admire we shall…

Artists of every sort inhabit this small piece of tranquil paradise and this weekend we can all discover the ways and skills with which they take on life. Everyone is invited to share in the wholesome atmosphere where country living, fresh produce, wild flowers, farm animals and awe-inspiring landscapes rule supreme. 

Fourth year running, the Art Route brings together a mixture of art and culture like never seen before and it is our chance to experience, admire and even get inspired. Let’s get crafty!

Art featured at Bbos Art Route
The Baardskeerdersbos Boere Orkes