Great White Shark Diving South Africa | Daily trip 30 April 2014 (Trip1+2)

With an early start this morning we headed out to brave the cold in our search for the Great White Shark! We were back checking out the Dam today after yesterday’s trip in the Alley, as the sharks still seem to be in that 'inbetween' period where they are unsure whether they want to be in the shallows or at the island. We didn’t have long to wait till we saw our first shark for the day, a 2m, very active and interested juvenile that spent the whole trip visiting the boat and provided each of the cages that up close and personal experience with such a magnificent creature. We were also visited by a second shark during this trip, whilst this one, estimated at approximately 2.7m, spent its time investigating some kelp in front of the boat. Great White’s are generally surface feeders and as this shark had most probably picked up on the chum scent, it was interested in examining what the seaweed could have been. Our second trip, an exclusive, with a young family saw our 2m and 2.7m sharks again but with a new addition, “Anarchy”, one of the sharks that our Research Biologist, Alison, has acoustically tagged. This shark is easily recognisable by the loss of the upper lobe of its caudal fin. “Anarchy” was the largest shark of the day measuring in at 3.6m!