Shark Diving Gansbaai - 18 June 2016

Shark Diving Gansbaai - 18 June 2016

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Location: Dyer Island
Water Temperature: 16°C
Depth: 16.6m
Visibility: 3 m
Number of Sharks:  7
Conditions: Partly cloudy, swell and north-westerly wind

It was an early rise for today's divers as we launched at th break of dawn, you could see the clouds shining in red from the rising sun. We launched from the Kleinbaai harbour and were heading straight to Dyer Island. We anchored just in front of the world famous Shark Alley, our dive site for today. After waiting for a little while a four meter shark approached our vessel but unfortunately only passed us once. However, we immediately had another shark around.

Once we saw the first shark we had constant shark activity throughout the whole trip. At the end of great sightings we were slowly cruising through the Alley to have a closer look at what the Great White sharks in our area feed on, the Cape Fur seals.

Shark Diving Gansbaai - 18 June 2016

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