Shark Cage Diving Blog - 25 June 2016

Shark Cage Diving Blog - 25 June 2016

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A stunning Saturday out on the bay, perfect conditions for some jawsome White shark cage diving! We were back in the Geldsteen again and we had beautiful visibility allowing for amazing shark viewing! Not long after we anchored we had our first White shark around the vessel, a small female that has been nice enough to grace us with her constant presence the last week or so. She is fantastic to have around the boat as she is one of those sharks that sticks around for the majority of the trip.

The first few sharks were on the smaller size, but then, as if out of nowhere a great shadow appeared and made its way to the surface, once we had a good look at this animal we realised that one of favourites had returned to the bay. It was “Ingrid”, a large female, that appears to have grown since we saw her last year, she also had some new features, multiple parasite attachments, what and where has this beautiful shark been? 

Back in 2012, Ocearch tried to attach a satellite tag to this animal however she was deemed incompatible at the time and was realised (nicknamed “Charlize” by the tagging team) but not before an internal tracker was inserted, this means our ATAP stations around the bay and others' along the coastline can still pick up on her movements to some extent.

Shark Cage Diving Blog - 25 June 2016

Kelly Baker - Biologist

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