Photo of the day - Look out decoy!

 Photo of the day - Look out decoy! -

Summary from the Daily Trip:

Location: Joubertsdam
Visibility: 3m
Water Temp: 15.5'C
Sharks Sighted: 9
Conditions: slight chop

'Flag' joined us for the beginning of the trip this sharks ~ 2.7-3m in length and most distinguished by a large chunk missing from her lower dorsal fin. Several other sharks around the same size were also seen but it wasn't until later in the trip that the action really picked up. Suddenly several large sharks came in at once, a large but skinny male, a tagged male and 'Matilda.' As she always does, Matilda dominated the area and flew from the water time after time.

"Unbelievable experience! Highly recommend and can't wait to come back!!" Andrew Eggert