5 Reasons to visit Gansbaai in the Winter

5 Reasons to visit Gansbaai in the Winter

Whale Huys

Normally when we think of staying in oceanfront accommodation, we think of swimming, sun-bathing and just relaxing around the pool.  While this is of course a great way to spend the hot holiday period, the winter months also have their advantages when renting an oceanfront villa like Whale Huys.   Here are my top five:

1. Peace and Quiet – If you really want to unwind winter is a great time to do so.  The pace is slower around De Kelders and other surrounding towns.  Everyone seems to shift down several gears during this period. If work is stressful, a slower pace and natural beauty is most probably the prescription that will help you unwind.  There’s nothing like a walk along the coast to clear your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

2, Price – The price for Whale Huys during low season is up to 40% less than during the busy months of December/January months. We also regularly run special offers during this time of year.  The low season is the best time of year to enjoying luxury accommodation at an affordable price.  If you don’t see the specials on our website, don’t hesitate to drop me a message and ask.

3. Whales in the Bay – Whale season starts in June when the Southern Right Whales enter Walker Bay to bear and nurse their calves.  They stay in the relatively protected and shallow waters of the bay until the calves are strong enough to swim to the krill-rich feeding grounds of the Antarctic.  At Whale Huys Oceanfront Villa, there is something magical about looking up from your morning coffee and seeing a mother and her calf doing consecutive breaches.  Or how about waking up to the distant sound of a mother’s song or the clap of her tail fin slap.

4 Wines – In the winter our local wineries have completed their harvest and have started the wine making process.  This is a great quiet time to visit the many tasting rooms and restaurants at the local wineries.  A number of local restaurants also have winter specials that provide great value for money.

5. Cool Cozy Evenings – What better way to end a day of hiking or outdoor activity than to curl up on the couch in front of a toasty fire with one of our excellent local wines.  Take the time to reconnect with friends and family,  or read that book you’ve had on your “want to read” shelf for several months. You can also of course tune into a nice movie with DSTV premium. 

Have any local tips for the Overberg in the winter?  Share them on our facebook page.

5 Reasons to visit Gansbaai in the Winter

Bruce Haase, Whale Huys Oceanfront Villa

Perched on the ocean’s edge in De Kelders, Whale Huys is a beautiful self-catering accommodation with unobstructed sea views from all living areas, dining areas, and bedrooms. Fall asleep and wake to the sound of the waves gently lapping at the rocks below and the sea birds cavorting in the ocean ...

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