De Kelders

Scenic portal to Gansbaai steeped in magic and mystique

De Kelders is the scenic portal to Gansbaai and one of the best whale watching venues in the world. Coming from Stanford, just after the turn-off to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, one is welcomed by a breathtaking view of Walker Bay and the beautiful coastal haven of De Kelders - a more profound entrance to any town is hard to find!


Come explore the historical caves where early modern man lived some 80 000 years ago, or watch the Southern Right Whales frolic in their favourite summer home from the many vantage points along the Klipgat Hiking trail while the sun wields its magic wand over Walker Bay. De Kelders boasts spectacular sunsets and a rich cultural heritage in an environment of unsurpassed natural beauty. Five star cuisine and the best local wines are served at the many guesthouses and B&B's overlooking the bay.


De Kelders is acclaimed for its ancient cliffs and caves of world heritage significance and amazing whale watching vantage points overlooking the entire Walker Bay Nature Reserve. Named after Drup Kelders (Dripping Cellars), a huge cave featuring magnificent stalagmites and stalactites and healing mineral water pools fed by a nearby freshwater fountain, the area was home to Middle Stone Age peoples and the Khoikhoi when the coastline was still kilometres away.

The up-market residential area stretches from the historical Klipgat Cave in the west to Perlemoenbaai in the east, and offers sweeping views of sea, mountains and Die Plaat, a 17 km stretch of white, sandy beach fringed by ancient fynbos-dotted dunes. A bakery, informal diner and an intimate coffee shop a stone’s throw from the rocky shore comprise the business sector.


The area is a paradise for hiking and outdoor adventure. A scenic 7 km trail, meandering through rich coastal limestone fynbos from the Gansbaai harbour to Die Plaat, offers spectacular panoramic views. The Klipgat hiking trail fringes a popular tidal pool and picnic area, and the remarkable Duiwelsgat (Devil's hole), a steep cave burrowed deep into the ocean's belly. Watching the turbulent waves crashing against the rock walls deep down yonder is a mesmerizing sight.

The sheltered Stanford's Bay, cocooned by Milkwood thickets and cliffs, is a popular and safe swimming area in the heart of De Kelders. A lush green lawn and ablution facilities provide a perfect picnic venue.

Come meet the elegant giants of the ocean and explore the hidden treasures of this beautiful seaside village steeped in magic and mystique.