Breaking Barriers Induction Week Kick Off

In collaboration with the Football Foundation of South Africa, Active Communities Network, and ETA College, Breaking Barriers 2013 hit the ground running this February. With five days of team building and discussions centered around diversity, community sport, mentorship, and youth work, the 24 participants walked away feeling inspired to start their six month course.

Group photo of community in South Africa

Through the completion of their first week, the group also gained a better understanding of the importance and the great potential they have to use sport as a tool for social change. Many already feel more qualified to step onto the coaching field. “The whole training went fantastic,” said Facilitator Rubel Ahmed from Changebox Training. “This is the most diverse group we’ve ever had… it’s a nice reflection of the community.” The participants will now move forward with the course through weekly meetings and assignments that will challenge their understanding of sport in the community. By the end of the six months, each graduate will enhance their coaching skill set and be equipped to promote peace and unity through sport when working with any diverse population.
Corrie Avenant