Academia Fun Surfwalk

Gansbaai Academia’s Surfwalk is an annual fundraising event organised by the staff of the school to bring in much needed funding for this no-fees school. Learners have to earn the right of participating in the event by raising sponsorship from the public.

Ms Fortuin, Juandre Spies, Candice Lombard and Mr Wilson

This year the walk took place on Thursday the 28th of March. The walk started at the Strandloper Museum and wound along the pristine Franskraal beach to the Uilenkraalsmond holiday camp. Here some educators lost a game of touch rugby against some of the learners, whilst others just lazed around on the lawn, until a supply of hamburgers and cool drinks arrived courtesy of Ms Fortuin, the head organiser. Thereafter the learners headed back to start their short April holiday.

On Monday 8 April, the principal, Mr Wilson, announced the winners in the hall. The class that raised the most funds was Ms Van Deventer’s Grade 12B. The deputy head boy, Juandre Spies, set a great example by being the learner that brought in the most donations and for this he won a laptop sponsored by Gansbaai Explore, which runs the community website A representative of the company, Candice Lombard, was on hand to present him with this special prize.  Gansbaai Academia would like to thank everybody that participated in this fun project and is looking forward to make it an even greater success next year. All the funds raised are utilised to provide quality education for the school’s learners.

Ernst Nieuwoudt