Ayala walks to Platbos

Ayala walks to Platbos

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Help Ayala neutralise her Carbon footprint by gifting a tree to Platbos at the reforesting festival, May 2015. Ayala Katz, Peace Ambassador and Environmental Activist from Cape Town will be leaving from Krige Station, which is near her family farm in Caledon on the 11th May and will be walking to Platbos, Africa’s Southernmost Indigenous Forest to the reforesting festival on the 15th May. 

Walking has been a passion of hers for years and finally Ayala has found a way to make every footsteps count. Her dream is to neutralise her Carbon footprint by planting as many trees as she can during her life time. She has walked on many continents of the world Himalayas Nepal, Northwest India, Spain, France, Bahrain, Oman to name a few. Last year while walking 650km from Grahamstown to Knysna, with her dream to create a “New generation of Walking Culture, ” called, “Walking Into Wholeness”, she and a group of visionaries are planning to walk across Africa with a project called the PeaceAfricaWalk, Cape Town to Jerusalem 2016 in March next year.

She got this epiphany while walking with a friend through the Tankwa Karoo a few weeks ago, as part of Saving the Karoo Awareness campaign  that she can’t change the world, but she can make a difference with her walking. Inspiring people along the way to be more conscious of their carbon footprint on the planet by asking everyone she knows, friends and global citizens of the world to gift a tree to Platbos and help her reach her dream. It’s really simple, please go on this site http://www.platbos.co.za/plant_a_tree.html or contact Platbos and buy a tree. 

Please would you put YOUR name on the tree and PeaceAfricaWalk and help Ayala to make the Planet a better place for everyone by making every step count! If you wish you know who Ayala is or what she is doing, please go on to her website http://ayala-katz.wix.com/walkingintowholeness.

Ayala walks to Platbos

Press release: Platbos Forestry

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