For the first time ever baboons have been spotted crossing the R43 and apparently dogs  recently killed a baboon in Eluxolweni. It may be as a result of the recent fires or because of the drought, but the fact is, baboons are on the lookout for new and easy food sources. Remember that baboons are not territorial – if food sources offer high rewards and are easily available they will come.

For an effective campaign to     minimize the appearance of baboons on your property you must do it in conjunction with your neigbours. The least costly way to keep baboons away from your property is to make it unattractive for them to visit. Plant an indigenous  garden to ensure that baboons find nothing of interest in it. If they can find a new source of food elsewhere, where it is  easier and safer they will go there. A vegetable garden is a big attraction for baboons and so is an uncovered compost heap. A possible solution is to fence fruit/vegetable gardens and compost heaps off to prevent baboons from gaining access.

Remember that baboons may also be attracted to food and water left outside for pets. Black bags, filled with rubbish, that are left unattended on street corners and sidewalks are a great attraction for baboons. There is nothing worse than the sight of a street littered with rubbish after baboons have ripped open the bags.  It then also becomes a health hazard with rats moving in. Once baboons have come into the village it will become extremely difficult, and emotional, to get rid of them again. The solution to the problem is to practice proper and responsible waste management. 

An urgent appeal is once again made to all residents and visitors to the area not to leave black bags on street corners or sidewalks on any other day than Mondays. If you leave the area on any other day, please take your refuse bags to the refuse transfer station or deposit them in the green bins at the gate if the transfer station is closed.

A concerted effort must be made by both residents and visitors to ensure that refuse is disposed of in a responsible manner to keep baboons from coming into our peaceful, and as yet baboon free, Pearly Beach!.

Gansbaai Beware of Baboons_1