Grootbos and Litterbugs

Grootbos Foundation took a stand on litterbugs in the fynbos kingdom. “It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it!” - Nelson Mandela.

The Grootbos Foundation dedicated its 67 minutes by cleaning the environment on Friday 17 July when staff members march in Gansbaai to take a visible stand against littering. Donning in their black and green t-shirts they picked up plastics, papers and litter. Positioned at major crossings, motorists have been urged to hand-over their litter instead of tossing it out of their windows once they hit the road outside the city limits with the message to cherish the environment and not taint the natural beauty of our pristine fynbos landscape. 

The  67  minute  clean-up  march  for Mandela made a strategic stop at the municipal headquarters to hand-over a petition urging the municipal councilors to install road signs at both the town entrances to remind the motorists going past our Walker  Bay Conservancy and past the Agulhas Park to refrain from polluting the environment. As a major eco-tourism organisation which envisions conservation and preserving a pristine environment for generations to come, the Grootbos Foundation and the Grootbos Nature Reserve are speaking up and making a visible gesture to local townsfolk to join us in this venture.

Karin Blumer

Staff members of the Grootbos Foundation on their way to the Municipal Offices while picking up litter
Municipal Councilors received a petition urging them to install road  signs  at both the town entrances