Gansbaai Posduifklub (6 August 2015)

Gansbaai Posduifklub (6 August 2015)

Gansbaai Courant

Beaufort-Wes Ope

A Leonard                             1ste, 7de, 12de, 16de
N Stevens                             2de, 18de
H Hitge A                              3de, 6de, 9de
Jurie Swart                           4de, 17de
Louis & Johannes              5de, 11de, 15de
Corinne & Janine                8ste, 14de
D Smith                                 10de, 19de, 20ste
P Saal                                    13de

Victoria-Wes JO

Jurie Swart                            1ste, 4de, 12de
Louis & Johannes                2de, 3de, 5de, 6de, 11de
H Hitge A                                7de, 8ste, 13de
N Stevens                              10de, 18de
D Smith                                  14de
Corinne & Janine                 15de
A Leonard                              16de, 17de
P Saal                                     19de, 20ste

Victoria-Wes Ope

Louis & Johannes               1ste, 8ste
Corinne & Janine                 2de, 10de
Jurie Swart                            3de
H Hitge B                               4de, 7de, 13de, 18de
D Smith                                 5de
H Hitge A                               6de, 14de, 15de, 16de, 19de
A Scheepers                         10de, 17de
N Stevens                              11de
A Leonard                              12de, 20ste  

Britstown JO

H Hitge A                                1ste,8ste,16de
H Hitge B                                2de,7de,10de,17de,18de
Corinne&Janine                    3de
D Smith                                   4de,13de,14de
Louis&Johannes                   5de,6de,9de,19de,20ste
N Stevens                                11de
Jurie Swart                              12de,15de

Britstown Ope

D Smith                                    1ste, 11de, 17de
Corinne & Janine                   2de, 18de
H Hitge A                                  3de, 4de, 13de, 19de
Louis & Johannes                  5de, 7de
H Hitge B                                  6de, 10de
A Leonard                                 8ste, 15de, 16de
Joshua Booysen                     9de, 20ste
A Scheepers                            12de  

Leeu Gamka Ope

H Hitge B                                  1ste, 14de, 20ste
Corinne & Janine                    2de, 5de, 12de, 13de
P Saal                                        3de
Jurie Swart                                4de, 9de, 15de
Joshua Booysen                      6de
A Leonard                                  7de, 8ste
H Hitge A                                    10de, 11de
Louis&Johannes                      16de, 17de, 18de
A Scheepers                              19de

Leeu Gamka Jo

Louis & Johannes                    1ste, 7de, 12de, 16de, 18de
Corinne & Janine                      2de, 4de, 6de, 8ste, 14de, 19de
H Hitge B                                    3de, 11de, 15de
H Hitge A                                     5de, 9de, 10de
Joshua Booysen                       13de
D Smith                                        17de
Jurie Swart                                  20ste

Groete Corinne

Gansbaai Posduifklub (6 August 2015)

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