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Something new in the Gansbaai area - Ally Msweli (Gansbaai Tourism) is doing township tours in Masakhane. Ally certainly is an ambassador of the area, always eager and first in line to take you around and show you this amazing settlement. With his favorite story about the township -  a man and his wife still using a basin to wash, no forks and no knives and only uses their hands to eat their pap and meat a traditional meal, he will surely keep you intrigued. You can also be left speechless while you witness - feasting on “smiley” and the drinking of “umqombothi”, a local beer.

Here in this remarkable community all the faces you pass are covered with a broad smile and ready to offer a friendly greeting. Activities like sport and cultural dances make this wonderful place a home to each and everyone, not to mention the ongoing projects such as the Early Development Centre and Swop Shop that makes this tour a must on your to do list. Masakhane meaning “stand together” has an amazing story to tell, it’s not just a township but a place where one can experience wonders of ancient times.

Observe and get an understanding of how human beings lived in the past in contrast to nowadays. With a broad cultural diversity and various religions Masakhane is a unique and incredible settlement, not at all influenced by any politics. Here in this little village people live in peace and harmony, calling each other cousin, brother or sister. Literally “Masakhane” and helping one another.Situated just outside the town of Gansbaai at the foot of the “Duinfontein” Mountains. Just past the industrial area, you will find the exceptional township of Masakhane.

Anyone looking for something different to viewing sharks and whales  can  join  Ally on this extraordinary 2 hour tour  through  Masakhane Township. Bring along warm clothes for the cold days, cameras for everlasting memories and some sunblock to hide away from the African sun.

The cost of this once in a life time experience is only R100 per person or contact me for group and family rates. The tour initiative is supported by Gansbaai Tourism. Ally can by contacted at 076-098-1907 or 028-384-1439 or send an email to

Ally Msweli

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