Franskraal Bowls Open Day

On Saturday 10 October 2015 14 teams of 4 players per team started arriving at Franskraal Bowling Club from 1pm onwards.  Some were accompanied by friends, spouses, children and other family members as they gathered in the clubhouse. These teams were made up of 2 bowlers from the club and 2 non bowlers from various local companies and even included some Business League players too. Linda and Fred Rossouw had worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organise and execute this wonderful event with support from the following sponsors: L & S Motors, Blue Bottle Liquors, Attie Louw, Crazy Store, Fish Barrel, Willem Boshoff and finally Linda Rossouw herself.  Three potjies tastefully cooked by Karel and Lorraine Ackerman bubbled outside over hot coals. At 2pm sharp President Pieter Conradie welcomed everyone and explained that all 14 teams had been previously drawn to play 2 games of 8 ends each on 7 rinks. He introduced Jaco Swart the Club Captain to explain the rules. 

Everyone left the club house and 14 teams played their first game in windy, cool and overcast conditions. Just as the last end got underway the pitter-patter of rain began and teams hastily completed their games and dashed for the club house and cover. Some of the stragglers got quite a bit wetter than those that had made their club house dashes first. An extended break followed as the bar was well supported by damp yet enthusiastic bowlers. Play eventually got under way again as the rain subsided but was reduced to only 6 ends. But just as play restarted the heavens opened up yet again and some teams hadn’t even made it onto the green yet as play was stopped. President Pieter thanked everyone for their participation and apologised for the unfortunate wet weather. He spoke about the renovations currently underway on A Green. He invited all the visitors to become Weekender members for just R300 per year and R10 per game on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays and Sundays. President Pieter asked Club Captain Jaco to spin the wheel twice, once for a bottle of whiskey and a second time for a bottle of brandy. Linda made a speech to thank everyone who had participated and for all of her support team and hel-pers too. She went on to award at least  a dozen prizes from a random draw of all the day’s players, then.... At last! 

The potjies were ready and a queue immediately formed to dish out the delicious, culinary delights. Yum! Yum!. Congratulations to you Linda!  This event was a resounding success despite the weather conditions and all that remains to be said is: "What a potjie!"

Chris Malec

Back: Karel and Lorraine Ackerman, Linda Rossouw with Dina Jooste in front.