Fire Fighter excels

Overstrand Fire Safety Officer, Joe Schoeman, has distinguished himself as an astute and capable professional fire-fighter in a career that spans well over three decades.

What sets him apart is that he was the only South African to achieve this qualification amongst a pool of more than 30 international counterparts who sat for the exam in Cape Town earlier this year.

During his long career as a fire-fighter, Schoeman has augmented his experience and skills set by embarking on further training and development programmes to ensure he is able to render an optimal service to the community.

To that end, the burly fire-fighter boasts a Level 4 Safety Certificate that he obtained through the highly acclaimed and prestigious UK-based Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE). The IFE provides a number of training and development services.  The organisation is the oldest of its kind, having been established in 1918.

The qualification will further allow him to apply to the University of Lancashire to undertake  a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Safety Engineering.  Upon completion, Schoeman can then realise his ambition to specialise in either aviation or marine fire safety.

Asked if he had any advice for youngsters wanting to enter the field, Schoeman said, “First apply to your local fire station to become a cadet fire fighter and complete the basic fire fighting and medical training.  You can then enhance your capabilities by undergoing further training through the South African Emergency Services Institute.”

Overstrand Fire Safety Officer, Joe Schoeman proudly displays his Level 4 Safety Certificate which he obtained earlier this year through the UK-based Institute of Fire Engineers.