Why Resistance Training is the Best!

Why Resistance Training is the Best!

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How does resistance training work?

When you train with resistance you cause microscopic damage or tears to the muscle cell. The body to help the muscle regenerate and grow stronger will quickly repair the tears. The breakdown of the muscle fibres is called “catabolism” and the regrowth, “anabolism”. “Anabolic” means “building up”, and that’s exactly what happens when you train with resistance.

What happens to my body when training with resistance?

When you train with resistance, testosterone, growth hormone, protein and other nutrients rush to the muscle using insulin as the transporter to help repair the damaged cells. It’s imperative that you rest well when you train hard, hence why sleeping plays a major factor in achieving your goals.

What should I expect to feel after resistance training?

With resistance training you will experience “DOMS” (delayed onset muscle soreness). This will normally set in about 8-24 hours post work out and will peak between 24-72 hrs. Don’t worry, the pain will subside in the next 5-7 days depending on the stress you placed on the muscles. Normally you will experience less DOMS when the same protocol is repeated.

The Magic of DOMS and Resistance Training…

You raise your metabolic rate and your muscles build strength and tone.

The added muscles fibre’s needs constant energy, so you burn more energy even when you don’t exercise!

Stop the signs of ageing…

With age our body’s produces less growth hormone and gradually there is a decline in the muscle fibres. With resistance training you can slow down or even reverse that process. With the added stress on the muscles you place added stress on your bones, which will stimulate bone growth slowing down osteoporosis. It also helps to regulate your blood pressure.

Let’s Pump some Iron PEOPLE!!

Have a fabulous Weekend
The Health and Active Team

Why Resistance Training is the Best!

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