Top Motivational Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Top Motivational Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Top Tips for STAYING on track with your GOALS:

  1. LOVE your EXERCISE:  Do not become fixated with the scales and Body Composition readings.  Those that focus on the stats are those who tend to fall off the “wagon” by looking to criticise themselves!  Instead learn to love your training!  The same goes for your foods.  Embrace your newfound energy and curves!
  1. KEEP AT IT:  No one’s perfect at everything straight away. Make yourself feel proud by over coming obstacles that get in your way.  Life would have no meaning without it’s challenges
  1. MIX IT UP:  If you are bored of your foods or exercise, mix it up!  Nobody is stopping you from being a creative!  Just stay with in your food guidelines, and if you have the energy why not add a Pilates class to the regime to keep to supple?
  1. BUDDY UP:  If your demons are making you want to crawl into bed, or lie on the sofa have a plan in place to “snap” you out of any past ritual routines.  Having a friend or family member to meet up with or talk with on the phone is a great way to keep you in focus.  From personal experience every time I felt sad or frustrated after having my first baby, I would go into my work pace pick up a bar, and do some squats to make me feel better!  We all have our ways to stay focused.  I also found just getting out of my environment even if it was for a walk would make me feel far more focused.
  1. STOP POINTING THE FINGER:  Do not blame others for any disappointment you may feel inside.  Instead confront the issues, deal with it, and move on.  Those that blame others for their failures will never allow themselves to achieve their goals unless they can learn to see their inner reflection.  NOBODY MADE YOU EAT THE CAKE LOL!
  1. SET REALISTIC GOALS:  If you set the bar to high, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  It is important to have a realistic vision.  Changing your body long term will not take 14 days of crash dieting so you can feel acceptable on the beach!  What we are doing is giving you the gift of learning to have a body you love for life.  To change habits of a lifetime takes time.
  1. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK:  Do not be too hard on yourself.  You have started a journey, and if you give yourself a hard time you will talk yourself off your path and march yourself back to the starting blocks.  Learn to have patience with yourself.  After all it’s most important to be your own best mate, so when you are being hard on yourself ask yourself this; “would I judge or treat others in the same manner?”  Learn to love the skin you are in, everybody else does!

Finally, on a lighter note I would like to share this quote with you by Walt Disney:






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Top Motivational Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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