Thank you Hippomania!

Hippomania is a idylic horse ranch on the Brown Dog Farm.

Soon the public will be able to visit Hippomania to enjoy horse rides and trails through the breathtaking valleys.

There will also be cabins available to rent for the perfect weekend away in a beautiful natural setting.

The cottages are butterfly houses and where designed and build by Jan Frederik Groos.  A very eco-friendly  and sustainable way of living.

This year Hippomania kindly became one of the generous sponsors for the Annual Baardskeerdersbos Christmas party hosted by The Skills Exchange Cooperative (SEC) & The Baardskeerdersbos Community Developement Orginization (BCDO).

Thank you Hippomania, we look forward to seeing your project take flight and working together in the near future.

The Children are endlessly gratefull for all your support!