Service Excellence - the Recipe for Success

Why Service Excellence?

Where does (good) service start? When you walk into one of our stores? Or before you leave to go home?

We at Build It believe that service is everything, from when you have made the decision to go shopping at our hardware store, to the purchase and the delivery of that item. Why? Allow me to give you a bit of background of who we are and what we are all about.

1992… A newly married couple decide to start a Civil Engineering company in the Overstrand (then Overberg). “Crazy!”, most people commented (long before Facebook). Twenty-five years later, and we are running eight companies ranging from Civil Engineering, Hardware Retail, Sand and Stone Mining, Concrete Product Manufacturing to Storage and Property Holding. We employ approximately one-hundred-and-fifty amazing people that have become part of the Burmar/Build It Family Group.

“How did they do it?”, is the new comment. Caring for our customers and employees is the answer. This has been our motto throughout the last good, bad and “never give up” twenty-five years. Fortunately, our two sons, Dylan and Clayden, inherited the “excellent service” gene and have decided to take it a level up.

So, to experience something special in service, pop into one of our Build It stores in either Hermanus or Gansbaai and we, Eddie and Silvana Burger, guarantee you an exceptional shopping experience. You will not be disappointed.