Magician astounds

Ian en Denise

The world renowned magician, mentalist, consultant and comedian, Jerome Cadéac, performed on Friday evening in the Great White House. He was invited by Wilfred Chivell to entertain some friends and associates who were astounded by his sleight of hand and mind reading.

Besides having performed in the most famous TV entertaining show in Europe, his latest  and greatest achievement was to be the 5th French magician to be invited to perform at the legendary Magic Castle in Los Angeles.  It was in July for the 50th anniversary of the Castle. Jérôme, was asked to perform 26 shows during a week. Al  this recently led him to be hired in Cape Town during the convention. He considered this hiring to be a golden opportunity to take a break, put his profession aside, and spend some time with people in Gansbaai he considers as members of a family  - deep heart relationships.

Francois de Jongh